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I strive to make films that interpret our human condition and make people feel more connected to themselves and the rest of the world


The day my video camera was stolen out of my hands I fell in love with filmmaking. I chased the thief as they ran and felt like they stole a piece of myself as they jumped into a waiting car and took off. My movie was on that camera, and that was something I could never replace.



For a 13-year-old? 



I learned two key things from this. 1.) I discovered that making movies meant more to me than I had originally realized. 2.) It energized me to pursue filmmaking with intention.


I saved money and bought a new camera and a "movie editing for dummies" book. I taught myself Adobe Premiere on a hand me down laptop. 


I spent the following decade as an apprentice to a professional film director and his production company. I practiced, studied, grew, and learned. I graduated from high school and traveled around the country. In 2007 I was hired by Apple computers to teach filmmaking, art, and technology to their customers. I spent ten years with Apple and slowly built up my body of work in my free time.


Currently, I'm managing a small media company with my friend and colleague. We call ourselves The Dans. I work part-time as an AV/IT technician for a simulated collegiate hospital, and I still carve out time to practice, study, grow and learn.


Filmmaking is what I do and one of many parts of who I am. I'm eternally grateful for this path and I welcome you to enjoy my work. Thanks for taking the time to get to know me a bit. If you'd like to reach out and talk, please feel free to send me an email.


Do you have questions?

Would you like to collaborate together on a project?

Let's reach out and chat.

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Be in touch soon!

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